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My fifth map: Underground Coaster


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Ah, yet another coaster by me. This one's a bit different, as 98% of the "ride" is underground (or at least under the main world).

Song: Ieva's Polkka (Basshunter Remix, like in Hipnoze - I couldn't find any song in my library that anyone would even remotely like, except for this one, as it seems to go good with nearly every map IMO)

Difficulty: 6.5/10



*Note - I didn't let off the accelerator AT ALL in this video. Had I have slowed down in a few of the turns, the ride would've looked a lot smoother. And I apologize for the pixelated-ness of the video. I rendered it at 3Mbps instead of the usual 6Mbps just for time constraints.

*Note2 - The "ride" starts at 2:00.


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