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ban this asshole, give me the amount payable to mr.green, I would pay. But I want that son of a bitch is banned. I did not budge, it is not the first time. Furthermore this stupid unnecessarily occupies a slot, it is 90% AFK, and the remaining 10% is what he did to me in video

I do not know if it shows,but I'm pissed

edit : the gay voice in the video isnt me

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Okay I had to play 2 minutes of that flickering video to find out what you were talking about.

I have not really noticed Face blocking people intentionally. Maybe he's been possessed by an evil demon in the past few days? Hehe

Even though I'm not the person to judge over bans and such, I'd suggest you post more evidence until complaining because, I, for example have not seen him act in that way.

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ok i'll record every races i play , and i'll post here everytimes im rammed

This morning i was really pissed about that , im calmed.

But i think its time to do something against that , if nobody reacts when ppl do that , its going to be more & more.And it fuck all the fun of playing.

1) attempt 1:34"

2) he done it 2:24"

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look if u hack u must get banned but blocking ?? :huh:

Palo got banned. Pretty much for.. blocking mostly.

If they do it for a while, a kick or a temp. ban sounds like an option to make them change their mind. If they keep doing it - I approve a ban. Don't need people playing total trolls on the server.

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The video doesn't work for me, but I know you get pissed off fast. I don't know if he was standing still on the road on purpose, or that he rammed you while driving. Ramming is tolerated, in fact, the whole point of having no ghostmode is to ram each other to make it more fun (unless they do nothing else but ramming people). No one seems to actually like that though. ;-( Ghostmode for revolution!

With 40 players it's unthinkable to not hit anyone usually. But anyway, if you're sure someone is really blocking on purpose, go ahead and post a video.

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Blocking on a very tight road, so no one is able to pass, huge clusterfuck etc, will result in kick or ban, but on wide roads you just gotta try to avoid them.

Not that it works out for me, cuz they always bumb into me, and yes, when im first I kinda rage, but when I'm not I don't mind. It's just a game uknow :yeah:

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Personally, I already had this kind of confrontation with "(O) _ (O) ", unfortunately I have not thought about taking a video.

I conclude that, when "(O) _ (O) missed his stroke, he took the opportunity to block the winners.

First at 1min 24, we already see "Pondfiller" near misses.

This video is seen at 2 min 20s, that "(O) _ (O) " and already across the bridge to simply block the next arrival,

from 2 min 21s "(O) _ (O)" begins to accelerate when "Pondfiller" try to dodge, while someone was Failed.


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It is annoying as all hell i know pondf1ller. God knows i rage about shit like that all the time. But if it happens only rarely, unlike paloSVK who did it all the fucking time, not much can be done about it. This is another reason why Mr Greens needs another admin on during late hours USA time. Jugg is here sometimes but not for long. Anyone reading this post who isnt in a clan and has been around for a while, go apply for admin damnit. Since us clan boys are too good to be admins on Mr Greens. hehe

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For the time I have been playing on MTA (Damn, didn't play there for long) I saw (O)_(O) being a good player. Maybe someone played as him using his name? ( might be a dumb variant, but tnere is no other reason why he should do this [maybe someone hates him?])

But srsly. I think that you should keep your eye on him rather than insta-banning him.

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