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~ShaPhiTleS Special~

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So, I told you about when I was given the quest to save Shark-A-Nine Bay by providing 4 ingredients, which was done by making 4 maps that start with 'C'. It never finished. Well, I got there for the last time, scared that it was too late, but they all seemed okay. Mayor Sharkoyo admitted he was just dying for a CinnamonChocolateCookieCoffee.

To make up for it, he gave me the opportunity to interview the 3 main stars in the upcoming television series in San Adreas: "ShaPhiTle-Tales". He made an appointment for me in an office in Las Venturas. A few days after that, I was on my way.

These are the main stars. They all played together before in the movie "Pokémental!":



Hometown: Shark-A-Nine Bay.

Filmography: He played Porygon in Pokémental. He says "Porygon may have usheleshsh movesh in the Pokémon Univershe, but he is the only Pokémon in hishtory that wash able to damage people OUTSHIDE the televishion!". Didn't Pikachu help him? Anyway, personally I don't believe him.



Hometown: Turtle Town.

Filmography: Pokémental, he played Shuckle. Perhaps not the most well-known character ever, but what if I tell you his brother played Squirtle, his father Blastoise (awesome father), and his uncle played Koopa the Quick in 'Super Mario 64'.



Hometown: Dolphinity.

Filmography: Lanturn in "Pokémental".


Right when I met them, I knew we couldn't fit in the office, so we were standing outside it but it was okay - all other people were gone anyway once they saw Shark-A-Nine.


----So, when did this whole idea start?----

Dolphin: Yoshi was in a Psychosis when he made a map, and later when he looked at it he was like 'wow, I'm pretty artistic when I'm out of my mind!'

Turtle: That's when Acid Island was created. He knew the map would not get uploaded to Mr. Green level, and the rest I don't remember.

Shark-A-Nine: In the firsht epishode, we have to go to Achid Island to shtop a very dark cloud from taking over the Moon.


----And how did it end?----

Dolphin: We didn't see a dark cloud. It was sunny. Yoshi was being paranoid that day. But hey, it's based on a true story, that's all that matters! Even though the story was just Yoshi seeing things that weren't there.

----Are you guys the only 3 that play in the ShaPhiTleS series?----

Turtle: No, Bunny will be playing our friend Budhha. There's also Funky Kong playing the King from Bumbaclot Bay. And some others as well.

Shark-A-Nine: But, we are the mosht important onesh. The sheriesh are named after ush.

----What kind of series will it be?----

Dolphin: Consider the whole series as a serious thing, mixed with so-called Big Mouthed Alligator Moments (completely random unexplained moments that have nothing to do with the plot and is never spoken off again afterwards).

Shark-A-Nine: I'd shay it'sh in revershe.

----But will there be action in it? Romance, perhaps?----

Shark-A-Nine: Yesh, a lot of action!


Turtle: Romance too, but Budhha gets them all. :<


Dolphin: Yeah... Budhha is the boss player...

----Okay. Well, those were all good questions I asked them, I'm not gonna put the other questions in here because you are gonna feel REALLY confused at the end. But last but not least, is there anything you want to say to the Green people out there?----

Shark-A-Nine: Watch it or I kill you!

Dolphin: Gotta watch 'em all!

Turtle: Tell Yoshi to stop twitching all day. What's wrong with him?







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