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Looks like another "community" has pushed me out again. I'm surprised I lasted this long here.

Anyway, I'm gone. Time to find another server, one that's possibly full of mature people who take various situations seriously.

This isn't my fault. I blame the administration. But not only the administration, but the players for listening to them and putting up with their crap. Not all of them, though. I'm not going to point anyone out in particular, but a few of 'em are alright (eW9zaGkgJiBqdWdn).

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Members are overreacting on this forum... not especially you, but everyone here is...

I am disappointed that people in this community do not listen to each other. That leads to both sides whining about the whining from the other side.

Perhaps players were complaining to much, but by closing the "Oh My Goodness Is [sGA]H!J@CK BANNED?" topic, you made everything worse. Everyone is asking for information.

Some people say... "Pff it's just a ban, you should not care about what that bug meant or if they were sure, because admins are always right." Blam! End of community.

You, besweeet, have a point.

Farewell, besweeet, although it's not the first time you said goodbye to this forum.

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besweeet, what's the problem? Is it because I locked the ban topic? The admins took care of it. I didn't read all posts but I did saw you were replying there too.

What did I miss?

HIJACK got banned. :bad:

besweeet was happy! :wave:

HIJACK got unbanned! :henk:

People were thinking "How could this happen!" :nah:

BinSlayer gave a rough explanation on it. :monocle:

Players did not understand how the admins could be so sure that it was a bug and wanted the admins to explain more. :protest:

Ywa used Thread Close! :eatpaper:

Players got confused because they still didn't get an answer as to why HIJACK was banned and feel left out. :grr:

besweeet decided it was all too much and then this horrible day popped up where he packed his bags and called a cab. Now, he left us forever (again). :spy:

Now we are feeling lonely. So I provide him with a Dutch goodbye song...

EDIT: This is the way I see the story at least. besweeet can come back here and we can start a whole discussion again, but I think a one-on-one chat with admins and him could be enough.

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