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Proposal clean up

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Hello everyone,

There are so many crap maps on the server which we need to play through painfully I suggest a clean up. Just each admin gets permission to delete maps and admins change every two hours until we played all maps and through this playing time delete the complete crap maps that dont make any sense. Im getting really annoyed playing crap maps.

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Pond had this idea/proposal few weeks ago. Shit maps are still here, but we have new rate system now.

Slayer said: "Who's gonna filter 1100 maps?"

Here is my proposal:

When skc shared a small mappack, Slayer made a script for his server. When we thought the map is fit for the server we used a command like "/good" or something like this. I cannot remember what was the command. So I think Slayer can add this script to the green server too, send the command to some regular players, so admins dont have to filter 1100 maps.

After a mounth or a week Slayer or SDK or somebody check the marked maps. If he think the map is shit, he will del it.

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About the rating (posting it here):

I think, although the current rating is better than the previous one, it's still plain useless. This is how it goes:

-Race "Not Bad Race Map" started.

-It is not bad.

-Player Q is racing and unfortunately hits a tree.

-Player Q has a short fuse so rages, and types /dislike.


-Race "Not Bad Race Map" started.

-It has 1 dislike.

-Player W thinks "Oh dear, it has 1 dislike. I know it doesn't matter that much and won't affect my own opinion about it, but... it does. I look at the rating and I see 1 dislike. The next thought that comes to my mind is that the map must be not so good then. I will only look at the bad sides. I will keep it in my head. Oops, I hit a tree, yep, Player Q must have been right. DISLIKE!"


-Player E just joined the server for the very first time! He's very excited!

-Race "Not Bad Race Map" started.

-It has 7 dislikes.

-Player E thinks "Ugh... why in the world are we playing a map that is rated so badly? I have not played it, but looking at the ratings, it must mean the map is the epicenter of crap. Why are we playing this map?"

Ratings are bad. They have absolutely no purpose at all. I mean... a map gets 10 dislikes. And then what? Nothing happens, since the admins know the ratings alone are not trustworthy.


Oh, um... ontopic... yeah.

Maps that are considered really really shit by everybody should be deleted indeed.

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