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Pokémon Black/White

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As I did for Heartgold/Soulsilver last year I create this topic for the latest Pokémon games, Black & White, so we can discuss about it, put our friend codes or discuss about Pokémon in general :V

I bought the Black version yesterday, I like it, they really improved the gameplay and added a lot of cool stuff, but I wasn't so excited as I was for Heartgold when it came out, the game is very good though!

What do you think of it ?

And, by the way, happy birthday to the Pokémon license which is 15 years old now (well, since last Sunday heh :V ), and long live Pokémon :D

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You should put more information in the OP.

Right now I have no idea what the game is about other than being about Pokemons, leaving me to assume it's yet another remake, and giving me possibility to do few racist jokes.

Unless this topic is only meant for hardcore Pokemon fans, which isn't specified in the OP either.

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Bah, I'm sure everyone basically knows what it is about, catching again 150 more pokemons (which I, btw, find a bit much "baby"-styled, there is not enough badass-style for some of them and we can see the bestiary is now totally exploited as some pokemons are not very original).

And the topic is not made for hardcore people only, if you have the game/want to get it/just discuss about it or organize wifi fights or something, you're welcome :P

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I'm currently playing Pokémon SoulSilver (almost completed it I think (no not catching all Pokémon)).

And it appeared that in Kanto there were only weak Pokémon in the wild, but many trainers have Pokémon that I had never seen before (I only know the first two generations).

I'm not sure if Pokémon Black and White would be something for me... it will be cool to get to know all new types of course, but I will probably get the feeling that I'm not really in the Pokémon world anymore that I love so much.

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