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[ZS] Do you want to lower level requirements?


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  1. 1. Do you want to lower level requirements?

    • Yes, I find them too high. I don't have the time to play THAT much anyway.
    • No, they are fine where they are. I prefer a challenge!

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I personally find the level requirements WAY too high. At that rate, it would take WAY too much time to level up. Time that I don't have. How about you? Please cast your vote in the poll. Tell me what you think!

Thats really the point, Making people stay and play.. if you make it to quick it gets boring quick

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1 thing should be made is level requirements balance... what do you mena you ask?

well medic level 2 there is heal 500 injured people... and heal umm ''someamount'' of crates.

i got the crate thingy in like less than 10 rounds but still stuck to 500 injured people.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well i think they should go up because they r easy i hav done lvl 4 engi 3 times(lol i know i hav but delu broke it and shizzel and it was like just before they disabled and everything was messed up) so i should be lvl 6 but i dont care that much. Surviving is easy you just got to think about it logically like i survive when i want so like these dude are like THIS IS BULLSHIT YOU CANT SURVIVE and i am like yes u can and they were like NO WAY IT IS PUB FFS and it was pub. Guess what i survived its not hard so pufu YOU ARE WRONG. Also i played for 1 hour a day (aprox.) for 2 weeks I GOT 4 LVL UPS LIKE WTH!! that is way to easy all they got to do is think of the best way like headshots for commando is it best to try and survive with shitty pistols and get headshots or to buy comeback get a support dude make a cade pull out a ak-47 and shoot in the head while low humans and you may die like is 2 mins but you get like 20 headshots instead of 2 and dieing just before the clever dude who redeems with comeback so you dont have a chance of redeeming (also you could do it if you hav the spawning with magnum upgrade but i cba to explain how to do that shizzel. And people shouldn't care about leveling they should play for fun like me hence why i dont play that much anymore because it isnt fun at all


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Higher level boundaries= More time spent in the game= More interest generated= More donaters= More drugs for Clavus

=HAPPY DAYS (atleast for Clavus)
= More Maze maps made from him being high. <_<
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Level boundaries as they are are fine

but some of the leveling systems are bugged


1600 headshots for commando (600 for lvl 0-1) (i think)

is fine

1600-600= 1000 for lvl 1-2)

the damage required to get 1000 headshot kills is about 3 times as much as the requirements for the lvl 2 requirements

i have only ~990 headshots yet i have about twice the requirements for dmg

please fix bugs like this example but the leveling as it is is fine

make it either a reasonable damage:headshot ratio or make it 1600 headshot hits (not just headshot kills)

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