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Mr.greens TF2 tournament


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i was thinking of making tournament in mr green arena servers including only people from left4green.com... so i'm hoping we get enought players to start this.

anyone from left4green can join


Date would be saturday and the time will be decided later.


to get people in this tournament, i will give reward to the winning team...

reward is not as small as man co suply crates or not as big as refined metal.

how do i join

if you wish to join this battle just post your TF 2 playing hours here and i will make the teams based ot the hours of everyone.


Server would be mr.green arena server.


the lenght of this battle would be 3-5 rounds depending on the scores of both teams...

winner team is the one reaching 3 victories first.

oh right i could use the help of server admin to lock the server so only people from here can enter with some password or something.


ahvo,thegreengrasshopper,weo,darkness,pannenkoek, and lulian.

teams are: weo,thegreengrasshopper,lulian and darkness,pannenkoek and ahvo


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Ok. I played TF2 520 hours in total. I play as most classes, and rarely as medic.

Every class I choose depends on the map I play:

Nucelus: Soldier, Engineer, Scout, Sniper.

Revine: Pyro and rarely scout.

Badlands: Spy, Engineer.

Well: Pyro, Soldier, Demoman.

Offblast: (Mostly any of them) Soldier, Demoman, Pyro, Scout, Engineer, Spy and can play as medic, but rarely.

Sawmill: Pyro, Heavy, engineer.

Saturday: I will be busy from 8:30 - 17:00 (+3:00 GMT)[school: 8:30 - 13:05 (need some time to get home + 15:00 - 17:00 lessons)] and then maybe I will be free.

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Total hours 5280!

ahvo 450

thegreengrasshopper 1055

weo 222

darkness 520

pannenkoek 393

lulian 4017

currently teams are.



teams are based on gameplay hours using this code lowest - highest + empty and neutral + neutral + neutral.

teams will propaply change but this is teams for now.

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