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Sudden urges

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Am I the only one who is thinking that Tom is a LITTLE BIT creepy :meh:

He is not creepy, he is just a pedophile.

I have the sudden urge to decide, that since I won't pass this schoolyear, I will spend the rest of my time on this school filling in the most retarded answers I can at tests.

Actually, I already started it. I just couldn't stop laughing about the idiot answers I filled in at my last History test. My teacher (I call him Wood Elf) is less amused! What's wrong with everybody?

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I have a massive urge to stop fucking with my hand and switch to vagina instead.

I have an urge to do hammer editor tutorials and teach some entity nabs like Pufulet how to use them.

I have a sudden urge to learn how to 'get out of your body' while sleeping.

I have an urge to be able to 'noclip' cheat in real world.

I have an urge to do some textures (and water textures) and use them in hammer.

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I have a sudden urge to learn how to 'get out of your body' while sleeping.

I have the urge to "fap" ... and I'll tell you how the situation works: I don't always fap, but when I do, I flush out of my own body for a few moments!

Good to know.

enough with the fapping!... gods sake.. *mumbles something about nasty shit*..

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