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Koth server dies

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it was an nice intension to try out new maps & sutff. always great to improve the mappool! but u did this like 3 times on the server now, and everytime u did that, noone played on the server for weeks. noone downloaded the new maps and u let ur own server die!

i told u, that u lose ur regulars' table on ur server.

u like ur ragulare stuff, random crits, random maps, random shit. so why not the normal regular maps?

it was one of the best koth pubblic servers in the community and u let ur own server die. to try new maps?????? :blink:


why u try new maps? random players dont liked it. regulare maps are good, u dont need to promote a new, unbalanced stuff. or are u one of the bosses who made thaaad.

try that on ur arena server and u will lose the rest of the players playing on ur tf2 servers. What would they say about it?

If u dont like the koth server, so shut it down, why not? only costs.. ressources, energy, money ect. the most admins dont play on it anywas, like the OWNER of it clavus.

i know that this is ur own shit, sir. u do what u want, i know it. WHY u triy to build a tf2 community? stop faking!


ps: imo

anonymus xD

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