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p0w3rfull1's hacker posts


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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry the above players can't be banned because the players left the server and we don't have their IP/serial anymore.

However, the reports you guys make from now on will be dealt with because I've just created a database of player's serials, accessible by admins with the command /serial

Also, make sure you have concrete proof for us to consider banning a potential hacker. And a requirement is that you post the cheater's FULL NAME (with color codes too), otherwise we won't be able to find the hackers.

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How the f are we supposed to do that bin? Most hackers have retarded names....I suppose I will just have to take screenies and post them in here. Just get some moar darn admins and this won't be such a big issue. Sergio and face would do just fine, so would I for that matter.

That or just give me your login so I can ban them myself! :P

edit: and what happened to your anti-cheat script? did you turn it off since it banned hij@ck?

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We didn't turn the anti cheat off.. We only stopped its airbrake detection. It should still ban people for "running s0beit" and "warping", but it is pretty possible that the anti cheat is outdated so there's a slighter chance at banning them.

And TicToc, wtf is so hard about getting their full names? :s

Just use the scoreboard (tab) and write their name in notepad or something. The color code should be visible in the scoreboard of course.. the #XXXXXX bit. :blink:

Later Edit: Ignore what I said about color codes, I've improved the script so it doesn't use color codes anymore. But we STILL need full name, just no color codes required anymore. I'm guessing I've made life easier for you Tic.

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