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Speed Bug

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Sup there!

Well this creppy and strange bug has happend to me 2 times now.

The first one was like a month ago. On which when I tryed to login into MTA it was kicking me off cause "high fps" 400+.

Indeed, the solution came from nowhere after a few days it worked fine and I was allowed to play.

The second time, right now. My client is like experiencing speed bugs or something, my client freezes like if it has a 1.5x speed. And therefore I'm going really fast! That Indeed I got a top time on a map. <SO WHEN YOU SEE THAT TOP OF ME "TWISTEDSCORPIO" DELETE IT>.

I'm not cheating, I've ever cheated or used SoBeIt thing whatever that is, so people started to call me cheater but I rathered to explain on a truthfully way that some way my client is bugging and that I wont be allowed for a while until it fixes.

I know about Computer stuff, and there's nothing wrong on my cpu specs, indeed this bug goes away after a while...

Yes I'm using latest MTA Version.


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