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Hi,this is my second race simple map in San Andreas,my first map is in mta offcial web.

As it says the map name of the arrows indicate the opposite direction checkpoints(except rings checks).

mtascreen20110513193058.th.png mtascreen20110513193503.th.png mtascreen20110513193557.th.png mtascreen20110513193712.th.png

mtascreen20110513193745.th.png mtascreen20110513193906.th.png mtascreen20110513193944.th.png

Checkpoints: 46

Vehicles: Jester,NRG500,Dodo,Hydra and Vortex

Duration: 3 minutes

Song: Moving Units-between us and them

Size: 1.97MB

Download map here or here

See you in Mr.Green...Enjoy !!

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Nope, they were not tuned. You forgot to remove two upgrades="..." in the.map file. I fixed that now, should work.


And read this again:

MTA Race maps should be uploaded in a .zip package (named race-mymapname.zip) and inside the zip only put the meta, the map files and optionally a script file
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