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I want to play, I really do.

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But if you can't compact the 250+ files I have to re-download every single time you change the map, because the server changed and now I have to re-re-re-re ad infinium retry to finish downloading these files before a game is finished, then I never will.

And if there is already a topic with the zombie survival game type you do use, compacted for me and any other new comers, it is not readily available in the slightest. I spent fifteen minutes trawling the first pages of every possible topic to find the compilated files so I wouldn't have to go through Downloading EVERYTHING only to have to re-do it when the map changes, as mentioned above. I spent another five in advanced search, two minutes in the Wiki, which, didn't have any files but images.

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Also there has only been one point where a game stayed on one map long enough for me to even see it saying "sending client info". I've never actually PLAYED on your zombie server. If it changes and I'm loading files, it'll stick on those last 268 (mainly arrow somethings and decalgraffics + inf stuff)in an infinite loop, unless I cancel joining and re try.

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Well, I think it's an issue with your client. Do you have this issue on other servers?

(please note I'm going to sleep in a bit, so I won't be able to reply the coming hours. Time differences etc.)

(Understandable) And yes, it persists on noxius zombie server, countless dark rp servers, and the few funservers I have checked out.

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