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Hurr im a hoers  

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  1. 1. wut do u think about donating?

    • Meh, just play and get your GCs. donating is for pussyes.
    • Well, ofc you can donate, but just to keep the server alive, not to get the GCs.
    • wow! 1000GC's for 1 euro! thats kinda alot of GC's! donating is great, so u can get all of the updates!
    • whats GC's?
    • whats money?

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i have played the ZS server for a while, and got like 1500 greencoins. I noticed that getting GC's is kinda slow, (about 100 greencoins a day) so i think i'll donate some money (about 90 euros or so) to the server.

(jk about the 90 euros, 30e max. lul)

but the ZS !shop menu says it's *Unavailable*. so, it this thing just me or is it just out of date? or srsly unavailable?

btw, i made a poll, what do you think about Donating?

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The only reason I donated back then was to be one of the first to get TF2 unlockables in the Payload server. Plus there was a (very special) Christmas special that doubled the Green Coins or something. So that was awesahm.

I would like to donate now too but I'm too short. I gotta stop giving my money away to people........

nah.... I won't.

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I have never donated and got all my current upgrades by the force of my bare hands !

(I have nothing against donaters, only those who donate all their money to buy everything and say they're pros).

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