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Few bitchbutt ideas.

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Harro, harro. my name is TechnoNegro and im ur host today.

before we start, i'll let u know this, i dont like when u qq about these random ideas. (qq aka. Q.Q << ur face cryin')

k, lets start out epic tour viewing these epic ideas.

Idea number 1.

Change the freaking Last human song.

replace it this this.

it makes more sence than the "reload" song. it tells about man without fear, who you cant bear dow- just listen to the song. (while reading this topic, and when you are taking a bath.)

also, make the the, umm... ill show u the pic

unledqqz.jpg so, replace that "Zombie fuck up" text whit " Death level" text, to make it mix up whit the Last human song.

Edit1: i mean, that i dont like those titles that say how many zombies, and humans left.

it wont make the song any better, or mix with it. but those "Zombie fuckup" titles just suck,

idea number 2.

Random hats.

so, u can buy a "Random hat" so u can get really shitty hat


or really cool, unique hat, that no1 else has.

this lil' kid just bought a random hat, and got himself rly awasome hat, and now he is rly happy. as u can see.


idea 3.

Make healing give u points, GC's and those... erm... kill points?, so u can get a better gun by just healing nubz.

idea.. eh.. 4.

Make new kind of Supply crates. those from HL2, that drop from the sky and was full of Headhumpers.

Video about the Supply thingy.

Idea number 5.

new Sounds. for players.

like these, From Alien swarm "Lock-n-load"

or from army of darkness "This is my BOOM!stick."


Idea number 6. New upgrades

Upgrade 1.

just like mysterious stranger, but with deagle.

Reiska Suggested name "Mysterious Eagle", but i personally dont like the name, but the name wont matter a shit.

Upgrade 2.

You run faster if you are under health 40.

You need this to buy this : Horse health, andrenaline.

Upgrade 3.

the more extra brains u have when u redeem, the more shit u get when u redeem.

the max extra brains u get bonus from is 8, whit quick redeem, 6.

im gonna edit this, and add more ideas when i get something on my mind, later.

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Andrenaline does not make ur char faster, just keeps it normal.

Comeback is about the humans killed, not about your personal brains. amiright?

Edit: and dont be mad, i just like to make the server a lil' diffrent from the other ZS servers.

I cant think of another server with a shop with the upgrades in the shop and the levels

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Well, I can't really agree with the most of your ideas.

The only thing we need are more crazy and original hats like your "Shark Hat".

But your Idea for the new crate sounds interesting. I am looking forward to see

your video :)


Ah and... The Mr.Green ZS Server is totally diffrent from the others and in it's design lovely. They don't have to change anything that big :I

Edited by Raptor
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Raptor, the random hat thingys idea is that you buy it, (1k gcs baybe) so you MAY get a shark hat,or something cool. But you MAY get pumpkin hat, or headcrab,or a melon, or something else not so cool. and Damien, ya, thats just what i tought of when i heard the song the first time. Oh,and i just tought that all the zs servers are kinda the same. sorry.

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oh, and i soetimes get kinda alot of ideas, so i think ill just post them here unfinished before i forget em. You see, i just had a perfect idea but i, umm... forgot it. and ideas wont hurt anybody, so i think there is no max cap for em. ps. im using my phone atm, so im not gonna edit my last post, editng postes with thing is just hell

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Holly tripple post batman!There is a edit button you know?But anyway the only idea i like is reaload for lasthuman (that song is epic)

Meh, using my phone, kinda crappy to edit. editing makes me to write the whole post again, so noty.

the only idea i like is reaload for lasthuman


and ik most of the Ideas are kinda crappy, but i just wanted to posted em, i personally only like the Supply thingy and the Last human song.

and more Sound files.

oh, and about that Triple post


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