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Hello my zombeeh friends. So, this is my very first zs map and that's why it may have some bugs, glitches, etc. Ok, short description:

Zs_bistro is a small restaurant placed in a pillar of a giant bridge which was under construction. Unfortunately, it has never been finished because of zombie apocalypse. Humans start in the restaurant on 2 floors, and zombies, of course, outside. There are 4 ways to get in (the 4th one is available only for fagsties). The 1st one is getting through destroyed door, the 2nd one is to get through metal door placed at the back of the bistro. The 3rd one is to destroy part of wall and the 4th is to get through the vent. Also there's a secret combine room. (Doom doom doom...)

Screens available at:


PS.: I'll add download and scripts and othe thingis from sdk later

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all right guys, small annoucment: My net is %@&*! up and I'm ill, so today I won't change anything, but tomorrow... who knows.

@Mogadonskoda> Combine room has the same textorus because it's place in a pillar, which is at the same time ceiling for bistro. I think I'll add some kind of strengthenings in a combine room, but how potato (in ASDFmovie 2) said: "Not today!"

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