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Ace Of Spades

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Who said Minecraft with guns wasn't a good idea?

I was reading PC Gamer earlier today, and eventually flicked to the "Top 10 Downloads" Page. And i appear to have found something.

Ace Of Spades is a freeware game that to many will closely resemble their latest obsession-Minecraft. And that's pretty much what it is- except with guns.

Servers of upto 32 players can blast it out (with all of the games 1 weapon currently), And just like Minecraft, any old computer can run it.

Here's a screenie i took in my first few game. It's great fun with loads of guys tunneling around and trying to out flank each other.


Damn, they're onto something good!


All you need to do is type in Ace Of Spades game into google, download a quick client, then click PLAY on the websites. This is your server browser!

To change your name (because your default name will be Deuce) you should find the saved file and look for config. Remove Deuce there, add in what you want, then save.

BE WARY- This is still a beta, and thusly Buggy as hell.

Let us know what you think of the game, and remember to kick some ass!

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I play this occasionally, it's great gameplaywise.

The community is rather annoying though, as the game is flooded with griefers and loners.

You should add the actual site to the OP: http://ace-spades.com/

For Windows 7/vista users, copy the config file to desktop, open it as administrator, then edit the name and copy it back.

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