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TF2, y u not let me play?

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I have been having this VAC connection issue today ("Cant connect to VAC server blabla"). TF2 worked for 4 hours at midday, but after that i cant play more than minute on server, after that i get that kick (Other players see "no steam logon")

Also, i dont have connection to loadout.

What i have tried:

- Checking ports and firewalls

- restarted tf2, steam, computer AND router.

- Shutting down littlebrothers computer (He plays tf2 now, since it's free.)

One funny thing: My littlebrother can play without any problems.

I checked steam forums and google, and found out that it's pretty common problem to some. Is this just temporary problem (overloaded steam servers?) or is update just messed up something with my game?

EDIT: I just changed my download location on steam, and after that TF2 works fine (atleast this 5mins, i got my loadout, and no kick). Can i still have answers if there is any?

EDIT 2: Okey that download location change didnt change anything after all

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You're little brother wants to play and you shut down his pc. xd

Anyway: I had this problem too. It was pretty weird though. Some periods I had this problem over and over again, and sometimes I could play without any problems at all. If you find a solution sure tell me. :)

Shutting down his computer was just for a test.

It seems that free players dont have any problems, but some of my friends, who have bought the game, do have.

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