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Race Maniacs


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Please note this post is just informational and not meant to publish a release.

The pre-pre-pre-pre Alpha version of Race Maniacs is now available for download. Race Maniacs is a game being developped by Limetric. It's far from finished, but it's playable, and can be fun to play for a few minutes with a couple of friends.

I'll update the SVN repository regurarly (whenever I work on it, that is). So expect updates pretty much every week.

Bugs can be reported on our project page.

Download: http://racemaniacs.limetric.com

In the coming months I'll organise multiple events related to this game, to promote it and to test new features and such.

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So I recently started working on this again. Backported quite some code updates from other (cancelled ;) ) projects which used the same codebase. This results in optimized and more stable code. Did a small test today and seemed to go pretty good.


I'm intending on creating a Destruction Derby gamemode with weapons/power-ups. Once I have the basics for that ready, I'll hold a public test.


The binaries are already available in SVN btw. But won't be updated much, most likely, until public testing starts.


Let's hope I can finally make something worth playing. ;)



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