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Mr. Green Gaming

I think i have learned my lesson.

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I was banned on the 30'th of March 2010, now its the 21'st of July 2011.

I'm sorry for attempting to use cheats on CS:S, and I now after more than a year have learned my lesson.

Cheats are for losers, real gamers play the game it was meant to be played and so I was a loser but have now changed.

I hope you take this message into consideration.

STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:24754903

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What nickname did you use at the time of the ban?

We don't unban for cheats?

*sees Greens group*


Also, unbanned. Have fun playing. :)

You know what I mean :(.

No need to push your rank in the hierarchy in my face there.

EDIT: Seems I was wrong about that policy then.

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