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My sentiments on the Mr. Green servers


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Hello Mr. Green community,

for the past few months I have very much enjoyed playing on your TF2 server. However, lately the Green-Servers I play on have become more and more laggy. Since I notice other players complaining about this lag all the time I'm sure it is not caused by anything in my game configuration or my distance to the game server, since I am connecting from Germany. So why does the game become such a lagfest and what can be done about it? For a while I thought it was maybe too many pyros or players in general that are the blame, but I couldn't really find a pattern in the lagginess. Since I mainly play scout, you can imagine how annoying it is for me to have my enemies teleport themselves around the map every few seconds.



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Just read this.

Let me tell you how it is.

When you start a TF2 server, it takes about 400MB of RAM when it's fully running.

However, over several (active) hours, it doubles to 800MB (we even had one reaching 1GB once) because of some stupid memory leaks which I think are Valve's fault. Restarting / crashing resets the whole parade at the beginning.

And that's about it. We're still waiting for the RAM upgrades.


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