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Ban Request Björn Dk and last human kill

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1. Name of the person who should be banned : Björn Dk and last human kill

2. Reason why he/she should be banned : Last human kill was cadebreaking ( http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198019879882/screenshot/542903423093189423

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198019879882/screenshot/542903423093185337 )

and Björn for exploiting ( http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198019879882/screenshot/542903423093191088

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198019879882/screenshot/542903423093187170 )

Additional comment : BOTH previous bans

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There are times where Bjorn likes to ladder glitch, Damien was present in irc, however the idiot claimed it was an "accident".

Haven't got the log yet :)

He does it a day later (aka yesterday), I do not have proof as I was in irc at the time and I wasn't at the location ingame xD.

MrGreenZS: *DEAD* Reiska: björn glitched

MrGreenZS: WeaseL: lol

MrGreenZS: *DEAD* Reiska: i dont need survives

MrGreenZS: 影Shadows影: report him

MrGreenZS: B◼✘1@1: necrossin

MrGreenZS: *DEAD* Reiska: _P

MrGreenZS: whitescarwolf: ....

MrGreenZS: ☣j m p: Ban him for life!

MrGreenZS: *DEAD* Reiska: fucking kids

MrGreenZS: B◼✘1@1: bjorn glitched the ladder

MrGreenZS: whitescarwolf: DWARF PORN

MrGreenZS: 影Shadows影: yes

MrGreenZS: *DEAD* Reiska: should learn to play or im gonna go and rape him

MrGreenZS: whitescarwolf: CLOWN DWARF PORN

MrGreenZS: -- Map Changing --

MrGreenZS: -- Map Changed to zs_trainstation --

MrGreenZS: Bot03 connected.

MrGreenZS: Bot03 disconnected ().

: NECROSSIN has left #mrgreen.zs: Leaving

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Question for NECROSSIN, why does this guy get a 1 week ban when he already has 9 bans on record?

Hurr, Im not sure much bans there should be to turn them into one permaban :/

To be honest, I would like to see him permabanned.

He is a douche towards other players, he lets teammates die on porpouse, he sounds like 10 (!!!) and he NEVER learned anything from his previous bans.

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NEVER learned anything from his previous bans.

This is a FACT.

Seeing his previous ban reasons are proof to support this fact.

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