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Guild Wars 2 ProdigalGuild - Class Information and also Class Discussion.

Luke Nukem

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Guild Wars 2 ProdigalGuild - Class Information and Class Discussion.

Hello fellow forum dwellers Luke Nukem here bringing some links for guys to look at so we can all choose out classes early to get one up on the game. CHOOSE WISELY!!

A link for the Engineer Class - http://www.guildwars...sions/engineer/

A link for the Thief Class - http://www.guildwars...fessions/thief/

A link for the Guardian Class - http://www.guildwars...sions/guardian/

A link for the Necromancer Class - http://www.guildwars...ns/necromancer/

A link for the Ranger Class - http://www.guildwars...essions/ranger/

A link for the Warrior Class - http://www.guildwars...ssions/warrior/

A link for the Elemntalist Class - http://www.guildwars...s/elementalist/

Above are the 6 Class links. I think it would be a good idea to find out who will be able to play well who will be getting the game and willing to join the ProdigalGuild. Then we will be able to create a list of players and their characters to see if we have a level guild for raiding etc.. in case we are all warriors... It might go a bit pear shaped if you get me :L

Now as soon as you have picked your Profession it's time to choose what Race you are willing to enslave the profession upon and bring other players to their knees with it.

A link for the Sylvari Race - http://www.guildwars.../races/sylvari/

A link for the Norn Race - http://www.guildwars...ame/races/norn/

A link for the Charr Race - http://www.guildwars...me/races/charr/

A link for the Asura Race - http://www.guildwars...me/races/asura/

A link for the Human Race - http://www.guildwars...me/races/human/

Above are the 5 Race links. After you have picked your Profession and Race just pop it down bellow in a comment for this thread and I would be happy to see what the fellow members choices are.

P.s Sorry for the big Thread it's my first time posting and I am new to the Left4Green Forums, Luke Nukem Peace. ( Also Contact TheLazyPeon or Dr Minky for more information about The ProdigalGuild.

Remember we function as a guild, there is no I in team. We work together to prevail.

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I am going to be a Charr whilst looking intimidating at the same time. My Profession is going to be a Ranger as I will be willing to give aid from high up and also letting my minions prey upon the heads of enemies ( if you have watched the short clip for the skill called ' Hunters Call ' ) Ranging LIKE A FREAKIN BOSS!!!

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I am going to be a char necromancer. Why? Because necromancers are freakin' sweet! And the Char look bad ass as hell.. All of the ProdigalSons leaders might be Char in fact, we'll have to see.

Is anyone planning on being an elementist? They'll be really helpful with rangers 'cause they can make a wall of fire and turn the rangers arrows into fire arrows.

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I'm more than likely going to be a Charr Warrior.

-Firstly I love Warriors, they take a really physical and noticeable difference in a group. Plus, I'd much prefer to hit stuff than prance around at the back tossing fire at people.

-Charr because of the first game. The player spends about a third of his/her time killing them, so I sort of developed a fondness for the guys.

Plus they look really cool.

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