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Unban request?

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Hello again...

I might have overreacted a bit the past few days, I noticed theres new maps on the server and that made me infact happy and I've been playing again so I get to rank1 B)

However, today I was playing on surf_vegetables and I received a ban for 'telecamping'. I'll explain the whole situation.

I finished bonus pretty quick, so I got the knife and was already in pumpkin and when I just got there some terrorist appeared that I obviously killed since I had a knife (I was CT). That was apparently the guy who killed me (VMR or something like that was his name...).

After that I waited like 5-10 seconds to see if anyone else was coming and there was indeed a guy and I followed him after that... So to me telecamping is not even a reason for a ban, is it?

It makes me kinda sad that I was just happy that someone indeed was caring for the server and the next minute I receive the most nonsense ban ever.


I just found out it's only a 30 minute ban.

However you might want to look over that guy a little more, I checked his steam page and he has a vac ban and is still playing CSS, seems very weird to me.


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