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Hi there. I start with introduting myself. Im Retard, 16 years old player from Portugal.

I'm applying for Mr.Green's mta server.

Don't know if you guys remember me. I started playing here a while ago (before SDK, BinSlayer, BlueYoshi and Sergio were admins here). im not older than Danni/Jugger or even Sky, but i know them. I've been admin in several teams (NeO_, here and -]alw[-). Maybe you can see me ingame wiht alw's nick. but i'll remove it shortly. I am re applying because I still seem there is a lack of admins and i would like very much to help the team again (because I miss this and won't quit s easily). I can't create maps, i don't know how to code and don't understand almost nothing on most technical aspects about computers and such. I am more the active player that likes to help.

I haven't got much expectations on this application because there are great people wanting to join the admin team that are more likely to get it then me. Anyhow I'm decided to give it a shot.

I try to be as much as active at IRC as ingame, but when i'm playing my irc always crash so i don't even open it.

I know English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

You can see my first apply here: <-- very messy. back there i didn't knew how to write proper sentences (and still can't)

thanks :)

(oh, I won't be here until september 9, I'm going on vacation with friends)

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fuuuuuuu, right now i dont have possibilities.

When put my app everyone put apps, but retard and Skynet they were admins, they had a opportunity, right now i need that opportunity... :(

ok, i'm idiot sorry, anyway good luck...

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