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A wallhacker on the Arena server


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I'll make it short : I spotted an obvious wallhacker on the tf2 Arena server


This is a screenshot of his steam ID he is the "Razormane" guy

I recorded 2 demos should be easy to figure out while watching them if not either i'll upload a video detailing exactly how is he wallhacking or you can just add me on steam and i'll tell you where.


Do not try to spectate him and see weather he is wallhacking or not since i've already faced him with it, but it doesn't really matter since the demos should be hard evidences. There are tons of pre fires and looking stupidly at the walls.

The demos are uploaded on Mediafire :



As for how I spotted him, he got a blind det kill me. Its common for demos in comp to wallhack and get blind dets every now and then figured i'd go spec him just to make sure, and I was right.

Also I didn't see a Reporting section so I posted it here sorry if its not the apporpriate section, cheers.

p.s : I can't speak English for shit but I tried my best.

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Could you add me on steam then so I can show you?

or should I make the detailed video i'm talking about

Edit : I never said he was great or good, I never thought he was wallhacking because he is good. I did, because as I said he got a blatant blind det kill on me.

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