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unban request


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My player name is Snockpiffel

i got banned on your minecraft server, and wanted to ask for a unban.

i got banned 5 month ago, because, i used flymod for a short time of 4 seconds( a player saw it and reported it directly).

i dont know who banned me, but i want to play on your server again because i think, from all factions server, is your server the best and i want to get a second chance to show you guys that i can play fairly.

mfg Snockpiffel

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I moved it to the right place.

Also stop making unban requests, wait for Clavus or Corby to decide, since im leaving it to them.

Oh wait, It was me who banned you. Meh, ill give you an unban. Corby will be all over you with a banhammer if anything happens again.

Edit: Your nick in Minecraft is Snockpiffel correct? If so, unbanned, if not need your name.

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