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Ban Req of Dakota Scartissue


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Name: Dakota Scartissue

Steamid: STEAM_0:1:37747585

Reason to i report this??

Just take a look at the pictures

1. picture i said 1 word then he voted to mute me

take a look at the rest of the pic's

and i said he could tell me to be quiet

then i told him to mute me in the playerlist!!!





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maybe u did just that he says something about my mom i dont like that because shes dead! Did u ever lose ur mother?!

u dont know how i feel

I feel terrible for you.

But I've been reading your posts and most of them were pretty offensive. So if you want people to be nice to you, you should be nice as well. Just some advice.

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From what i can see you were votemuted muted

i.e most of the ppl on the server wanted you to stfu

why would he be banned forusing this feature its there so players can mute annoying people.

Dakota`s use of crude insults is hardly a reason to ban as there is no contects of racism or whom he is even talking to.

Also you calling tennis a punk does not help your case...

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Wait, didnt we ban you a while back for the same thing as your reporting now ? :/

If i remember it right, you were constantly spamming and now your trying to get some guy banned for some crappy reason.

You do know that your behaviour causes us to believe you less.

Yes, hes the guy who got a 2-day ban by Clavus for inmature behaviour in a bantopic ( I just realised we use the wrong section )

and @ #4

I dont care if you hate me, but stop being an ass about it ( Hes been very offensive on the mircrophone,and if he doesnt do that, hes just talking random BS )

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