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Its been a while, I had a few problems with internet, but now im back :D.

I have been working on a map called zs_mental_hospital.

its an objective map, with quite a lot of objectives. Its mainly about finding the keys and opening the doors with theese keys. (I mean you need to bring them to the doors to use the keys)

What do I need to add:

*Doors which are unlocked with keys (its only one for now).

*3d skybox

*Change sewers

*Fix some stuff

*Add hidhints to see what to do

*Add more special geometry

*Add more vents (yes there are).

*Fix cameras

*Add an elevator

*Add a game_end for the zs round end.

All other nesessary stuff is actually done.

Wait for further pics!

I have a few screenshots prepared. Some of them contain css (Black and purple >.>) textures. Here they are:












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hehe. Indeed. Hospital is a dipshit :/

This one shall look like a hospital

anyway, general info about the map:

- 4 floors + roof

- 15 objectives

- many rooms and vents

- secrets (<3)

- human spawn - is the most dangerous place for trying to survive at

- cading in the hospital might save you, but safer would be completing the objectives.

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You should call it zs_mental_institute (too many 'hospital' maps), just makes it sound different.

Also those broken windows might look better if you used a broken glass texture. The breaks look a bit too clean for glass.

Nice though, I want to be able to hear some mental screams and moans (and mental people having sex)

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Update: added a nice part where you will need to do with thinking sometimes. Only one user can get into a room with this shit.

Once you get in it, you get illusions. when you come out of them - you appear in a room where you can get only by passing the illusion. I call them 'safe rooms'. Though, you might want to get out of it in some time soon.

Made an example of illusions and a safe room. Btw, if you fail an illusion, you dont die. You just get back to that room you started at. There is a video: (btw, yeah, there is a leak)

EDIT: The thing with a red sprite trail is a key for the door. Keys look like that and have different sprite colors.



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  • 5 months later...

Hey guys!

It's been a while, didn't touch this map for quite a long time.

But box insisted me to continue with it :P

Right now I am doing the last compiles, hope it won't fail (I was trying to fix the darn elevator, if it doesnt work this time once again, I am gonna quit with the elevator and make something a bit different for it, easier).

I got some screenshots with me.

So, the MASSIVE changes and addons are:

-3D skybox

-The beggining:

Your screen is starting black, with red text saying "Waiting for players..."

After 15 seconds your screen fades out with words: Mr. Darkness *next* Presents *Scanning out* M E N T A L H O S P I T A L.

Your camera is being controlled by point_viewcontrol, which goes to human spawn. Later you can see all the humans standing near a very unique car :V

-Once you begin to be able to control your camera, you will go upstairs to investigate the place. The first thing you might find would be a key in the main hall entrance. It leads to Security room (I won't tell which key leads to which door, since I want ppl to test it out themselves, will mention only security key), even tho it is locked by cellar. You need to raise up the cellar. Problem! No energy. You must unlock a door with the lever that enables energy.

The entire map is based on searching for items, for example, the same keys. The only thing that will let you understand it is a specific Item is that it will have a sprite trail sticked to it.

-Humans goal is to reach the rooftop, the helicopter. Even tho, it needs fuel. You must find something what could be used as fuel. (I regulary gave hints in game using game_text)

-There are many healthkits and items around. Good luck in searching.

-The map is connected with not a small amount of vents.

-In some parts the map is dark, so use your flashlight. (I made it dark on purpose, for a better gameplay effect)

-Probably, there are some easter eggs, especially for Pufu :V

-Music, from NH2.

So before I make a video, I am going to leave a few screenshots over here.

All the screenshots are old: the skybox and fog are different + a few textures replaced :L

So yeah, wait for more updates! Hope release is gonna be today.








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Guys, appearently something went wrong :V

Guess the map got a wrong vmf file or something. I am going to check out what was wrong.

Found the problem.

The VMF file SOMEHOW turned into old unedited vmf file. Its the one which I compiled.

Shit is really retarded.

You can try this version out anyway, since the right one just has ending bugged.

Also video: (old enough)

So now I have worked on it a bit and fixed some more stuff. And there appeared 1 more thing to fix.

The helicopter itself.


Func_tracktrain was always my worst nightmare ;_;


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