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Request Ban for Boomheadshot!


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Name and ID: BoomHeadshot


Ban reason: Speedhacking

Proof: Youtube

Notes: He killed me with his speedhack, and then continued to kill other players, he then left and rejoined as a different name.

He tries to make his speed unnoticed, but it is still faster than what a zombie should have.

MrGreenZS: BoomHeadshot: of?

MrGreenZS: +[sP]+ Antz ッ: virtue

MrGreenZS: Black & White: hax

MrGreenZS: +[sP]+ Antz ッ: whos hacking?

MrGreenZS: Goldon Fleeman: gonna upload it nao

MrGreenZS: BoomHeadshot: gtg i've got to eat, baaaii

MrGreenZS: B◼✘[email protected]: dun worry

23/09/2011 @ 19:16:09 <MrGreenZS> BoomHeadshot disconnected ().

23/09/2011 @ 19:16:10 <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: I got id

23/09/2011 @ 19:16:11 <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: cya

3/09/2011 @ 19:19:18 <MrGreenZS> I like to play gmod connected.

23/09/2011 @ 19:21:03 <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: I like to play gmod

23/09/2011 @ 19:21:07 <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: name change = fail

23/09/2011 @ 19:21:09 <MrGreenZS> I like to play gmod: Yeah

23/09/2011 @ 19:21:10 <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: roflmao

23/09/2011 @ 19:21:16 <MrGreenZS> badmelon: cna i kill 1 of u 3

23/09/2011 @ 19:21:18 <MrGreenZS> I like to play gmod: ?

23/09/2011 @ 19:21:19 <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: yes, your name change = fail.

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