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Ban request for stefsobs


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Name and ID: Stefsobs


Ban reason: Lagger or Speedhacker?

Notes: I am not sure, but I am certain he takes advantage of this, he shouldn't even be lagging at that sort of ping.

Most of the time he is at normal movement, and then at points where he can take advantage he does it.

Ever since he played on this server he's always like this, and once people start talking about him, he leaves.

Proof: Youtube

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Is there any such plugin which can get rid of laggers? because they are really annoying.

He lags to get away from zombies, or he lags to kill Humans.

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A friend of me talked on the server about him lagging while he was on.

Well, he directly left without responding.

Here's a chatlog my friend.
[16:33:52] <TheLazyOne> LAGSOBS

[16:33:54] <MrGreenZS> *DEAD* Goldon Fleeman: sobbie lag.

[16:33:55] <TheLazyOne> HELLO

[16:33:58] <Shock121> stefsobs = lagsobs

[16:33:59] <MrGreenZS> Goldon Fleeman: nd ty BoB

[16:34:04] <TheLazyOne> why you be so randomly lagging ?

[16:34:19] <Shock121> maybe he hacks

[16:34:24] <TheLazyOne> maybe

[16:34:25] <MrGreenZS> Goldon Fleeman: 121

[16:34:26] <MrGreenZS> Black & White: hacks

[16:34:27] <MrGreenZS> Black & White: !

[16:34:29] <MrGreenZS> Black & White: leeerrooooy1

[16:34:30] <MrGreenZS> Goldon Fleeman: IMPOSTER

[16:34:32] <MrGreenZS> Black & White: leeroooy!

[16:34:33] <TheLazyOne> lag to cover up speedhacks

[16:34:37] <TheLazyOne> Goldon

[16:34:39] <Shock121> obviously

[16:34:47] <TheLazyOne> make some videos on Lagsobs

[16:34:53] <MrGreenZS> stefsobs disconnected ().

He's done this before, he leaves once people start talking about him.

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