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1.9!!!! Update of.....cool


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Hi everyone!!!!! 1.9 is going to be great since the combat system will have large alterations due the the use of blocking to be enabled also armor durability will be changed in some way. Hopefully armor wont take falling damage anymore. The addition of breading animals will give even more food to everyone!!!! The nether will be the place that benefits the most with the addition of 2 new mobs the Blaze and the magma cube (basically a slime in the nether) and an additional 9 items and 9 music discs with the number 11 disc sounding like its from the blair witch project. Also a use for experience will be added!!! Tons of new stuff, what does everyone on the server think? Like it? hate it? POST IT!!!!

Also im wondering when the server gets updated with 1.9.

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So... Can you breed with the NPC villagers? :huh:

I like Breeding

That could end badly, breed with with a villager and have a kid. Then you leave when the kid is young to explore the land. Kid hates dad for leaving and dedicates life to hunt the dad down!!!!!! Just a thought.

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