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Unban Xandy


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1. Your ingame name: Xandy!

2. Date of your ban: I don't remember

3. Who banned you: Console

4. Reason why you got banned: Hack

5. Reason why we should unban you:So i got banned from the server 1 or 2 years ago....reason (hack)!

First time i'm installed mta , I was seeing much hacks on several servers so i decided to

see how is that hack , but i selected wrong server to use that fucking hack. When i'm started playing

mta i was very very very very noob because that i dowloaded hack. So now i'm good player ( not pro)

so i want to be unbanned from this nice server. plz gimme another chance ? A promess i will never will use this shit called hack again.

sry for bad english.

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