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Hello everyone..

Short introduction:

Most of you who actually know me, probably know me from the Mr. Green Surf-Server :)

I am a regular on the server and currently on rank 1, since SniperKid & damek disappeared from the list again.

However that does not really matter for now.

Also I want to apologize for my bad behaviour a few months ago in the counterstrike source section, I really just overreacted.

I can assure you I am usually not like that. I rarely let myself get annoyed, guess I just had a bad day. As well as wanting to apologizing directly to VMR, even though I think we do no longer have a problem anyway.

Feedback to the Server:

This should be constructive critism, so please take it like a real man and argue on it instead of flaming it, thanks in advance.

The given feedback is my personal opinion!


  • The server has a nice setup of plugins & mods, perfect for a 66-tick combat server.
  • The server is usually filled with people, so it's always fun to play there.
  • The server as a big amount of maps and it rarely happens that we're always playing the same few maps.
  • The 'sounds' are also a nice feature, since there's not too much surf-servers around with fun-sounds


  • There's not enough admins who really care for the server, actually VMR is one of the only who tries to look after the server as good as possible. Big up for VMR at this point! He really does a good job on the server, I'm glad he's around. He usually comes to the server when I do a report or even when I ask him nicely through steam.
  • In general the server needs more care, there's also some maps that are not really fitting anymore and there's a lot of new maps which would actually fit in way better.
  • Forum is not enough advertised.


  • Try to assign new admins who are active and capable of the job. I guess it'd be better if you assigned someone not too much into gaining points, because that would most likly lead into abuse.
  • Someone in charge could take time to make a vote on new maps on the forums or through the server (no big deal with a plugin)
  • Advertise forum more on the server, so people get aware of it and join the community.

Thanks for taking the time to read through everything, now I am looking forward to reading from you :).

Best regards,


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