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The trading Topic for Team Fortress 2

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Hi guys, some may see this as a pointless topic thread, but I haven't seen much to do with the trading situation on TF2. I didn't just create this Topic because I am lazy and I couldn't be arsed to find out if there is one already made.

Anyway moving on. Me, The Lazy Peon and Dr Minky are looking for 3 Modest Pile of Hat because that is going to be the hat for The Prodigal Sons. If anyone has got a Modest Pile of Hat and they are willing to sell it please do so :)

2 Refined is the price I am willing to pay for a normal one, but if the others want a vintage one it would be around 4 refined.

So yeah. If anyone needs to post trading offers or anything to do with trading updates FEEL FREE!!!

Luke Nukem.

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