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the GC respawn for 20 GC is unfair


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hi all,

when my net/game got crashed, i need to join into the game again, and pay again 20 GC for the spawn change in the start, for me its hard to earn 20 GC so i think about new idea: make it pay per day, like, u need to pay 40-60 GC any day u use it, instead 20 GC anytime u join.

(i know, my english bad, but i think u got my idea)



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Well, it's not a bad idea at all, because it's easy to spend it without problem for players that have too much GCs, but a bit hard for "newbie" players, because of the crashes and that is difficult to win, that you have to spend it again, but also you can donate for receive GCs like EmRA said, but anyway.. 20gc is not much at all, but bleh... I understand you, but I think it's good aswell, maybe fixing that "crash-gc spend again" thing.

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tf2 it's a game (Team Fortress (?)). you can play it online in mr.green's server. And like MTA, it has the greenncoins' system where you can earn gc. Apparently it's easier to get gc there. And I believe you can use those gc in mta aswell, correct?



I earned over 75,000 Green Coins from that :D

Also TF2 is easiest since killing is easy.

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Shock, ppl get easily scammed in russia.

Im in belgium today :P


And yeah, I forgot it was for free.

@ Retard, its correct. Also that TF2 is free today, you can get it any time you want.

@ Pufu, ZS (Zombie survival Garrys mod) is not the best idea for today as ZS is getting ded... theoretically it is dead already.

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ok, im downloading tf2 atm, thanx

by the way, ZS Garrys mod is another game?

if yes ill download it too

Garry's Mod: http://store.steampo.../?snr=1_4_4__13

10 Euros/Dollars. + if you would like to play Zombie Survival (one of the gamemodes of Gmod, as MTA for GTA) you would need Counter-Strike: source for it's textures and models.

but I wouldnt bother with it since its asleep most of the time for now.

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