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Ban this hacker


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I just finally got him on video and many more times he speed hacks if this isn't enough proof I will upload another video of him.

his name : oogappeltje

reason: speed hacking, other hacks

here is the link to the video (sorry not very good quality) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_3xEqNu2Qg

For all you retards out there, the reconnect button is a mod to stop lagging. If it was a hack, I wouldn't be stupid enough to post it. :P

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Theres a topic for this.

Im neutral on this to be honest because that is like one of those bad quality videos with an alien in the distance. He might of just been sneaking on the other side of the hill and then just jumped up next to his buddy. The bunnyhopping chase had no cheating in it becauase they caught you when you were in the water slowely swimming away so no cheats there. They probably just sprint jumped in the water and knocked you out with their diamond swords.

To me this isnt very good recording. Especially with the server lag of about 1 second.

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From this video it doesn't look like he's hacking at all. He didn't zip across the screen at the start, he can cover the distance of you sprint jumping by... sprint jumping too? And at the end he moved at normal speed when he killed you, obviously with a bit of lag.

If he had speed hack he would of killed you straight away. If you're positive that he was hacking then get a clearer recording next time dude, and yeah please post in the hackers reporting topic in future instead of creating a new one otherwise we just get a flood of hacker topics which isn't very nice

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lol you can see you hack yourself, because when you hit esc you can see that you have an reconnect button :D

May just be a plugin, you'd need evidence of what hack it is. Just because it modifies your game doesn't necessarily make it a hack, I mean there's a mod that gives you a cape online but that doesn't really count as hacking does it? If you could show it was say something thats enabled with Alias hack or something then fair enough :)

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(infinity or epsilon client)

You'd know, check my 2nd last post on the MineCraft Hacker Reporting topic - It's a video of you and viktorkucera12 hacking. I also find it funny how if you have a different MineCraft screen, you're automatically accused of being a hacker by the people who know so much about it. *Cough, Cough* Noahchris *Cough* RealisM should just be banned - With this amount of reporting them and ZomBitch admitting to having X-Ray, I am 100% sure all of them (RealisM) hacks.

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and ZomBitch admitting to having X-Ray,

When i had Xray, that whas about 4 maps ago,

True dat.

Why doesn't everyone stop accusing everyone of things and just let the admins deal with it! No point bringing up old stuff that's already been seen, people change! Its just bumping a pointless thread

EDIT: I could always install the ..whatever client it is and see if that does come up when you get killed? Would be more productive than just arguing

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Trueminer U Suck. :lol:

We just ran behind u and when u jumped in the water we Kicked your ass :P

So stop saying that we hack.

Don't even try to lie.... I see you speed hack all the time, so you better stop it or I will get a better video. Besides, we all know you hack, maybe except the *cough* Admins *cough*

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