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Christmas Racing Tournament


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Hey guys,

I am writing this post mainly beaucase of leadership of L4G server. Other players can comment it, but...main word has admins :D:P

So, I am race leader of =FoX= clan, which racers are playing only on l4g server. I want to make christmas racing tournament (will be played around 25th to 31th December). It would be CLAN tournament, where some clans will be invited by me and clans who wants to participate too, but they wont get invitation, have to play and qualifite in qualification (eg. 16th - 20th December).

Why I am writing here? I wanna to ask and deal some partnership between this tournament and L4G server. In fact, it could name Mr.Green Tournament or something like this. My vision of partnership is this - I ll take care about organisation and you would take care about medial side - that mean some news on this web and if it would be possible - on server too (eg some basic script which write 1 time per 5 minute some advert in chat).

My question is simple - Would L4G server leadership deal with me to help with this tournament ?

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It was so hard to say "yes" or "no" before?

That's right. Not only did I mean "no" , but I tried to explain to you why not..

I didn't think you needed to be told "NO" as if you were a pet.

It only seems like you're trying to flame now.

In fact i was waiting for some reaction. And because no one was comming, I was little angry.

And I think you didnt understand me well. I didnt want to make tournament on your server, i never said something like that and i never wanted that. I just want from you to promote it. And what would it brings for you? I think better fame and good name (I hope) for server (question is if you need it) from top clans (in tournament are registred now FoX, eXo, SGA, O.o, AlW, SiK, EPG and SKC). Thats all

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