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Lately, there's been a lot of nagging directed at the Server Admins of minecraft.nl - It can be frustrating to read tonnes of requests, all with the same basic meaning - "When's the MineCraft.nl server going to be up?" Obviously the Admins (Clavus, Ywa, Mayco, Darkstar and Corby aren't going to know when the unnecessary plugins are up to date; as they're not the makers of it. So, I suggest to the admins to not update the Server to the available MineCraft version until the nessassary plugins for the next MineCraft Version, are available. I can assure you this will cancel the amount of people asking when the MineCraft server is going to be up, as it will be up and running.

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Lol'd, Okay, fine Clavus - Hmmm lemme try « Crew Drainal: TEST :D »


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