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It was tooken from latest Noxious's zombie survival, where you can also find some other weapons

Those weapon models from Nox were taken from Zombie Panic : source :/ .... The E feature (the carries props in NoX) is buggy and laggy, the nails are also a stupid feature, that causes lag and unbalance and the list goes on ... the idea came to me not from Nox, but from brainstorming (yeah,i was thinking about improving ZS, balancing classes, etc :-< )

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Using the shift key is a bad idea, as it is commanly used as the steam shortcut for friends, which means you get an annoying window opening every time you open friends.

isnt that shift & tab, at the same time?

or is that just how mine is set up?

It's Shift+Tab at default yes.

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Yeah , it would be cool , but if we could drop ammo too , it would be more cool :D Sometimes , I waste all my ammo on a zombie to get kills , but then one guy shoots two or three bullets and kill the zombie I previously hurted a lot. So I lose all my ammo , and then I have nothing more.

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