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Well, it seems we [bassCannon] are the only one's who have an End portal and have it fully set up. Not only am I posting this to brag, B) I just want to inform people who wish to access The End, that it's available. We'll generally trade for things we're in need for and I'll tell all faction members our criteria so you can access The End, not only when I'm online - But, when my clan-mates are online, also. Here's a list of the top 5 things I'll allow End Portal usage for; In terms of art, the "warmer" the colour is, is how much we need it.

1. Netherwart

2. Blaze Rods

3. Ghast Tear

4. Magma Cream

5. A stack of potion add-ons (Glowstone Dust, Redstone, Creeper Dust)

The End is extremely beneficial in terms of farming. Not only do you get access to this absolutely amazing End Stone block, you get to experience the environment of The End. That's not all, though - The End continually spawns endermen, making it a safe grinder (If you're wearing a pumpkin helmet) as it will give you tonnes of levels along with Enderpearls; Don't forget the Obsidian pillars, too!


Breaking The End spawn

Being rude to us

Attempting to kill us while letting you access The End

WILL result in a ban of The End! :o

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Meh. We have 1 any way as well :P

Also we gave you ender pearls. So in case you shall let us :V

DeadToast35 the retard died with them so we asked random people if they had enderpearls - Luckily Ranger's were online and gave us six - Then we opened it up. Ye, but you guys can still access it. :)

Fail post is fail.

No life stalker has no life.

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