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Movie Battles II


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One of the few mods that keep drawing me back.

Personally I've been playing MBII since 2005 and still play it every now and then.

The mod still has a sufficiently active player base, so you're guaranteed to find some players.

Movie Battles II or MBII is a team-based, last man standing multiplayer mod of the shooter game Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy inspired by the popular first person shooter Counter-Strike. The primary purpose of the mod is to allow players to experience setpiece battle scenes straight from the six Star Wars films, immersing themselves directly in parts of the two Star Wars trilogies. This means that most of the original aspects of the game have been changed and only a few of the original gameplay features remain. The game pits one team of Galactic Empire/Separatist forces against the Rebel Alliance/Galactic Republic forces, either of which attempt to complete an objective, or to eliminate all members of the enemy team.

Wikipedia article

And finally some gameplay.

Mod DB download

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