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Ban appeal: HTMSHARK


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2.December 4 2011

3.I don't know who banned me.

4.I don't know why i got banned.

5.Well i was playing and i decided i should go raiding. I start making myself some enchanted armor and enchanted weapons.

As i set off i bring some ender pearls with me. Once i arrive at land i see a couple people building and destroying blocks, i thought it might be a good idea to sneak attack but one of the people noticed me (Did not catch his name). As i start walking away i turned around to him chasing me so i decided to attack him. I had 2 enchanted sword ( Fire aspect I & Sharpness 3) so i decided to fight. I hit him with fire aspect and then used my sharpness sword to do more damage. Battle goes on for long and i stopped to regenerate some health by eating. We start to go at it again and finally i killed him all my armor almost broke. So as i start picking up everything he had on him instantly i was (Banned by an admin) So i asked my friend to ask him why i was banned. And he told me that the admin banned me for "Speed hacking" But i wasn't i was sprinting and he was lagging. Also he said i wouldn't die and thus i told him i had enchanted armor with protection on every piece of armor. And anyways if i had "god mode" my armor wouldn't break and i wouldn't take damage but both happened to me. I beg of you to please unban me i did nothing wrong and its depressing to see my favorite server banned me, so i please ask for a fair chance of you respectable admin to look into this and please take in favor of me. Thank you for taking your time to look at this.

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I went into fly mode and watched you, very suspicious as I saw a player attacking you and you stood there and took no damage, as if you were invulnerable. I'll give you benefit of the doubt and unban you for now. I'll be watching carefully though, you'll be able to logon in roughly 2 hours or so.

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Corby, when i was banned i was disbanded from my own faction. Since i was the owner my friend invited me back and there are no owners anymore since i was the only admin of my faction prior to the ban. So i was wondering if you could promote me back to admin of TheHorde if that would be possible. Thanks.

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