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unban madboy plz

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could i plz be unbanned corby plz i beg you im so bored i love that server and i dont wanna be banned again i wont combat log i never ever will and i will be so happy i just want to be unbanned thats what i actually want for christmas is a unban from your server it would be really great if u would and i actually was sick at that moment pretty plz i will type /kill in all if i gwt on i just want to get on that server i dont wanna buy a new account so plz can i be unbanned i sware i will play without combatlogging i am sorry corby and awsomemeo for logging off from u all i want is a unban sorry this is so long thats how much i want a unban so plz its all i want by the way this is madboy speaking

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What I don't get is, if you're ill, you stay by the toilet/bucket for ages.

You don't think 'oh, I'm totally fine now I can keep playing... oh wait I feel sick again' and go straight back, that's stupid.

-this may seem out of context but it's referring to previous ban threads relating to the guy who was banned

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