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Unban For: Pr0xyius


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Fellow Staff of left4green,

Today @ 9 P.M. 1+GMT I found out that I was banned because of Spamming.

Then some of my faction members told me that the Spam plugin is to sensitive...

BUT thats not my only problem here, I found out that Corby Tped to MrCoceane in our mobgrinder at 3 levels high which he came in like 2 seconds he spammed potions than killed us (probably weakness potions) I dont care if a admin kills me but tping IS abusing IMO.

I dont have any video's whatsover and probably if he sees this he doesnt do it again if he fights with me cause im getting fraps on All The Time... Because im getting sick of every single server Admin abuse..

I think Admins should have fun to but I think only in a less way than members themeselves they signed to help out the server track hackers and such and not to play as much as players/members themselfs

sorry for my bad english i have dyslexia and my grammer fails, Probably a lot of people are going to rage on my topic about corby please dont keep it clean and be mature... I raged on the server I say it but thats because It was not FAIR..

Sincerly Pr0xyius aka Nick

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Once again, I followed right behind you into your spawner and potion'd you with instant harms level II, its actually sad how annoying you guys are, you have no better insults than "ABUSE"

Take a couple hours out and calm down, the spammer got you for a good reason this time.

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You could not followed me or one of my members because we were already like 5mins on top of the mobspawner, and spammer did not take me for a good reason I think a good reason for spamming is like 1 single word repeating or 1 sentence repeating. and why a couple of hours -_- though I'm calmed down already but i cannot talk to you if people are talking way too much in pub chat thats why i sort of spammed tho

BTW I know you are getting sick of abusing but how do you get those potions and so many? legit or creative. just asking ;4

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If you've calmed down then you can come back, but maybe think before you speak, all of your accusations have no reason or proof at all. How would you like it if things were reversed.

Unbanned. Be warned your not far from an abuse banning however.

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