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Keep an eye on xxexplosionxx


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I suspect the player xxexplosionxx was hacking. But i didnt get any proof of course because I only caught him once. I was fighting agaisnt him 2 vs 1. Me (Gussychonger) and Lennyiswaf. I had full diamond armour and lenny had half diamond armour. XxExplosionxX also had half diamond armour. We hit him so many times but he wouldnt die, He killed lenny first, then me. But we hit him more times than he hit us. Which leaves me to believe he has infinite health hacks. He also seemed to have reach hacks. I doubt he could of killed us both without hacks. We hit him SO mant times! And he didnt use any potions either. So please keep an eye on him admins.

Sincerly GussyChonger

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and post some proof instead of a lovely paragraph.

Ah scrap that.

I cant remember perfectly but it was me and 2 other guys in iron in a standoff against 4-5 dia guys. It was a glorious battle were I just demolished 2 of them while my 2 allies were fighting the others.

There may be a chance that the person could of been cheating but it could also be pure skill. As for the "reach hacks" i dont believe anyone has such a thing.

Full diamond armour makes you only lose 1/2 heart last time I checked.

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He could of had enchanted diamond armour, enchanted sword, Strength potions, so please do not say he hacks just say I suspect him of hacking because you have no evidence.

He had enchanted armour

If you take a look on minecraft wiki, http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Enchanting, it says for protection: "Converts environmental damage to armor damage". I'm not sure if this actually protects players against sword damage or not :S. If someone could educate me on this that would be apreciated.

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