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An additional ban request

Mr. Darkness

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Hello boys and girls! This is Mr. Darkness and today I caught a relogger for whom I made a giant hole, where he shall fall after connecting back (6th time?).

The name of the relogger on Minecraft is Soodle, Predators faction.

So yes, I caought him on a several spot of the map, kicked his ass (tho didnt kill yet) and then he disconnected. He repeated this 5 times or so, so now I am waiting for him to get back and fall in that hole to get his stuff.

Gonna leave a few pics here.

P.S: Please guys, don't post here replies, don't go against the rules of the forum.

Members are only allowed to reply to topics when they are involved.

Your warn level will be increased if you do not comply.

Thank you for attention!








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