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Dear all readers,

Gameserver: Mr Green MTA (Multi Theft auto)

Age: 16

Country of origin: Lithuania (Marijampole)

Link to SteamCommunity profile: -

Link to Xfire profile: -

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

First i want say to all,thanks who read's my appl,second i want present some thing's about me and answer question "Why you thinkk you're fit to be admin"

So in game i have too nick's SpeedY# and (/*\)_(/*\),My real name is Lukas,I'am live in Lithuania (Small city Marijampole) and i'am 16 years old.

Next part about that question " Why you think You're fit to be admin",I will try to answer,I want to be admin,because,I can be online very much,and spectating persons who cheat,or do others bad things,second part why,I can make race maps,for server communicaty.. and a lot of things. I am playing mta about 2 years,first i played in DM/DD servers,now i am play in MR.Green server.

My english skill's are not very good,but i understand,what others peoples speak,I have problems with english grammar,but it is not very big ( i think). And some information about my friendly : I'am simple,unsophisticated,learning to communicate with everyone, listen all.

That's my appl,thanks for your opinion.

P.S I'am not very good,but i think i have chance to get in Admin team ;)

Regards,your SpeedY# aka (/*\)_(/*\).

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