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Here is my review:


[PlayerSelectSpawn] Error! No spawn points!

I spawned in the ground.

- Since when are there white dust clouds outside?

- Lightning looks UNreal. The spotlights outside never produce that small lightspot.

- 3D skybox...? It looks unreal when you just see outside the box...

- Dead BLOCK is indeed right.

- Misaligned textures.

- Misaligned brushes.


Use ambient_generic with a fire sound near fire. More realistic.

Only use that dust when your inside. I don't see that much dust outside in an urban atmosphere.

Make it just that less blocky. Take the outside "bunker" for instance. You can make that roof more like a bunker.

Make a 3D skybox when you are finished.

There are some misalignments in your brushes. Fix that. All in all, when you fix all misalignments, it reduces compile time.

Have you compiled it with -final at the lower bar? that makes it look a lot better, but take longer compiling.


It looks to me that it will have some quite intense gameplay. Although it might be too easy for the humans.

I'm sorry if I insulted you :o I'm just trying to help.

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A map I made for DeathLegends ZS server ( ). The map includes:

-Realistic lighting effects

-NPC Zombie Spawns

-Working Human and Zombie spawns for ZS 2.1

-A secret room (don't ask where it is)

-3 Separate buildings

The map is only a beta, so report any bugs/glitches to [email protected]

My 4th map so far. Let my know what you think.

Sorry if im a bit hard on you, which i will be.

-Realistic lighting effects


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